Guitar fretboard tools

Coming in 2024!

We are focused on completing basic ukulele support before adding any guitar support.

Practical music theory and tools for guitar

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Guitar Music Notation"Guitar Music Notation" by FolsomNatural is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Chord Finder Chord Finder results for A+7
Type a chord name; see a common chord diagram for it.
Scroll up the neck to see different voicings.

Chord Namer Draw a chord diagram; see a list of common names for it.

Chord Families Ukulele chord family snapshot
Choose a key signature; see all diatonic chords in the key. See how chords relate to each other, within a Key. Chord substitutions and how they work.

Chord Factors Root, third, fifth, seventh... what are they, and how can they help me?

Scale Degree How do the chords in a key relate to the scale? How do 'Nashville Numbers' work?

Common Chord notation
Naming conventions; standard notation; tablature; diagrams; grips.
There are many ways to represent chord shapes. Let's explore them, and how they relate to each other.


Chord diagrams Build your own SVG Chord diagrams, with color-coding, scale degree, etc.

Scale diagrams A tool for creating fretboard diagrams with scales, multiple chord inversions, etc.

Play: Fretboard games


"20140317-123941-iphone-vasile-IMG_2132"by vasile23 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Games for fretboard familiarization

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