mission statement

We aim to provide tools for students and teachers of stringed instruments:

  • To build, print, and export custom chord diagrams, anywhere on the neck.
  • To build, print, and export custom scale diagrams.
  • To provide interactive demonstrations of scales and chord theory.
  • To provide fun ways to study the fretboard, from your phone, tablet, or computer.

By providing these tools, demonstrations, and games, we want to help people to understand the music theory behind the fretboard. By showing many different perspectives simultaneously, we hope to help you better understand:

  • chord construction
  • diatonic harmony
  • intervals between notes
  • relationship between different notes of the chord
  • how the chord fits in the scale
  • different types of notation:
    • chord names
    • fretboard diagrams (aka chord frames)
    • standard music notation
    • tablature
    • 'grip' shorthand (fret-number per string - [0 0 0 3] etc.)
    • Roman Numerals and Nashville Numbers

Our first focus is ukulele; in time, we will expand to cover as many fretted instruments as possible, including alternate tunings.