This site ( is intended to supplement your musical education with interactive tools.

Get a teacher. Or get a book, or read online sources, or go down the rabbithole of youtube videos.
Or all of the above, AND utilize this site as a playground for reinforcing the ideas that you picked up from the real teachers! Here are some links to references to get you started.

Music References

Check out offers some cool graphical tools for music literacy.

Listen Nipper listening to his master's voice Spotify playlists.

Read Lincoln reading

  • Links to books and online articles.
  • Our own glossary of ukulele and music terms.

Watch Owl watching Links to interesting videos.

Teachers Einstein teaching Links to ukulele teachers.

Tools Garden tools Links to alternative fretboard tools, and tools for learning technique and performance.

Notation Fretboard map to music notation

"Uke Music Notation"by FolsomNatural is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Visual guides for learning basic music notation.