Learn Chord Theory, Notation, & Scales

Chord Finder Chord Finder results for A+7
Type a chord name; see the chord shape and other representations.
Scroll up the neck to see different voicings.

Chord Families Ukulele chord family snapshot
Choose a key signature; see all diatonic chords in the key. See how chords relate to each other, within a Key. Adjust Neck Position to see the same chord family on different parts of the neck. Explore chord substitutions and how they work.

Music Notation

How do notes on the staff relate to frets on the fretboard? Study chord diagrams and corresponding notation on the staff.

Chord Namer Draw a chord diagram; see a list of common names for it.

Chord factors Study the intervals between notes in a chord.

Scale Degree How do the chords in a key relate to the scale?

Common Chord notation
Naming conventions; standard notation; tablature; diagrams; grips.
There are many ways to represent chord shapes. Let's explore them, and how they relate to each other.

chord mess

Extended Chord families Include non-diatonic chords. (Chords with notes outside the key signature.)