Nipper listening to his master's voice

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Ukulele Podcasts

Brad Bordessa's Live Ukulele podcast

Abe's podcast

Hawaii Music Supply's Ukulele Review podcast

James Hill's Uketropolis podcast

including an episode about Major, Minor, Emotions, and Psychology: We Need to Talk About Minor Keys

Ukulele is the New Black podcast

The Tiki Nation ukulele podcast

Music Theory Podcasts

Strong Songs


Instrumental Ukulele - a collaborative playlist (you can add your favorite ukulele instrumentals!) created by João Tostes:

Ukulele Instrumentalists playlist has 1900 followers..

Ukulele 2019 - The best of ukulele in 2019 via - playlist by woodshed

Ukulele 2020 - by woodshed

Ukulele 2021 - by woodshed

Abe Deshotel's Great Ukulele Songs playlist

Mellow Uke - soft and slow songs that won't make you feel stabby

Play-along jams (not ukulele-centric)
Songs that stay in one Key, and keep a steady beat. Practice improvising, without the need to figure out what Key to play in.

Key of C

Key of D

Simple mellow instrumentals (non-ukulele)