Site Guide

General navigation and usage of the site: is made up of several different 'web applications', like Chord Finder and Chord Diagram Editor.  Most of these applications offer an 'Export' function, where you can save .svg or .png diagrams to your device.  (You can also use your browser's Print dialog to save a .pdf file from the Export page.)


In the upper right-hand corner of pages with web apps, you'll see a ? button, which opens a help window.  At the bottom of the Help window, is a link to the User Guide.


Re-using your diagrams

You can use the exported .png or .svg files  in your documents.  For .png files, it's usually as simple as cut and paste.

For .svg files, however, you'll find that fewer apps offer support for this file type.



Many of our pages can produce sound.  For every page that can produce sound, there's a convenient Mute button (speaker icon) and Volume control in the upper right-hand corner.  If you're logged in, the Mute and Volume selections will be remembered when you change pages.


Diagrams exported from UpTheNeck often contain special unicode symbols such as sharp (♯) and flat (♭) signs.  Not all fonts support these symbols, so we embed a valid font inside each SVG diagram.  Even so, some programs may not display these symbols properly.  The Thunderbird mail tool, for example, displays these characters correctly when sending a message, but may not display them properly in a received message.